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Wednesday Sep 14, 2011

@Cal - Improved Multi-Calendar Sync for Nokia (and Other Devices Too)

Scap0106h_thumb10_thumbToday we are introducing a great new feature for owners of Nokia, Windows Phone 7, and webOS (HP Touchpad) devices.  

Many people like to organize their events into separate calendars.  One for work, one for family, one for sports, etc. It is a handy way to keep everything in its place. However, many phones don’t support synchronizing more than one calendar. So that all of your events will be available at your fingertips, no matter what calendar they are in, for these devices NuevaSync has always automatically merged your calendars together as they’re synchronized to your phone. While this makes sure that all your important information is available, in the past it hasn’t always been easy to tell which event belongs to which calendar, or to add events into the calendar that you want.

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NuevaSync has created a solution with a new feature that we call ‘@Cal’. When syncing an event to the device, we place the calendar name into the ‘Location’ field, prepended with an ‘@’—for example, ‘@Work’. Since the location is commonly used for real information, we never overwrite any real value that may be there. We simply add the calendar name to it, separated by a comma. For example, ‘@Work, Jim’s Office’.

This works just as well for events created from your phone. You can add—and even move—events between calendars simply by setting the calendar name in the location. If you have a real location to put in too, simply add it after the calendar name and it will be synced as always. And don’t worry, the calendar name will not be included in the location field at Google, only the real value.

Typing the calendar name is usually easy, but some calendars have long names that would be a chore to type accurately on a phone's keyboard. For those cases, you can use the initials of the calendar instead. For example, if you have a calendar called ‘Jamie’s Soccer Games’, instead of typing the full name, you can enter the much shorter and easier ‘@jsg’—e.g. ‘@jsg, Zink Field’. To keep everything consistent, we will sync the entry back to your device a few moments later with the unabbreviated calendar name filled in, plus whatever real location you specified: ‘@Jamie’s Soccer Games, Zink Field’. 

nmcsc3h_thumb3_thumb2@Cal is so useful that we’ve enabled it by default for all our users, but it can be disabled if you choose.  For more information, visit our @Cal wiki page, which has complete details on the feature.

Users of other phones may be wondering how we support multiple calendars for their device. Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPods have native multi-calendar support which we take full advantage of when syncing.  For Windows Mobile and other phones which support event categories, we offer a category mapping feature which works similarly to @Cal, identifying the calendar for each event, and allowing new events to be inserted and moved between calendars.

We hope you enjoy this new feature. If you have any questions, or encountering any problems, contact NuevaSync support or talk about it in the forums.

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