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Monday Feb 07, 2011

Celebrating the Verizon iPhone with a $10 discount for premium service

Here at the NuevaSync HQ we're celebrating the arrival of our first Verizon iPhone. Verizon runs a great service and the iPhone's a wonderful device but its arrival on the big red network has special significance for us because we're in a part of the world (Montana) where until today the iPhone was a rare curiosity. That's because the former exclusive carrier in the USA for the iPhone does not sell service here. In fact a cottage industry has grown up in these parts "importing", unlocking and re-SIM'ing iPhones for use here. Unfortunately the user experience with a black-market iPhone isn't great because the local GSM carrier is 2G-only.

We had 18" of new powder overnight but the awesome Quinn from FedEx battled through the blizzard, his van laden with iPhones and by mid-morning I was enjoying the 3G iPhone goodness that before today we had to drive 300 miles to get:


To mark this important time in iPhone history we're offering a $10 discount off the regular $30 one year subscription price of our premium service level. The discount is only available to new users with a Verizon iPhone. To claim your discount just create a new account then visit this page using your iPhone's browser:

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