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Monday Feb 14, 2011

Do You Use Several Email Addresses?

If so then you'll love this new feature: messages created by replying and forwarding on the device can now have the "correct" sender address. Just to be clear – this feature applies to the common situation where email sent to two or more addresses is delivered into the same mailbox – it won't help you sync two separate mailboxes (you'll still need two accounts to do that).

Let's say you use these email addresses: and Until now, you had to pick one address to be used as the sender for all messages composed on your phone. Not great if you're trying to keep your personal and business email identities separate. But now, when you reply to a message or forward a message on the device, the new message gets the sender address that matches the original. Note that:

  • Your NuevaSync account must be configured with the list of email addresses you use (see below for how to do this).
  • The feature doesn't work with all devices, but it does work with the most popular ones : iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, Nokia S60 Series.
  • The sender address for entirely new messages composed on the device (not replies, not forwarding) can't be overridden. Your default sender address is always used. If have an Apple device, you can send an email to yourself (using the address you want to send to) then forward that message to the intended recipients as a workaround.

The email addresses you use must be configured in the NuevaSync Control Panel. If you haven't done that, the feature won't work. Here's how to configure:

  1. Log in to the Control Panel site.
  2. Click the setup link for email.
  3. On the next page click Configure Sender Addresses.
  4. The next page looks like the screen shot below. Enter all the email addresses you're using with the mailbox associated with your NuevaSync account.

Click save and you're ready to test. We recommend sending a message to yourself at each of the addresses. Reply to each of those messages on your device then check with your desktop email application to verify that the sender addresses on the reply messages are correct.

GMail and Google Apps Email users should note that the "extra" addresses will need to be added as valid sender addresses to the Google account. If this isn't done Google's SMTP servers will replace whatever sender address our server uses with the Google account's primary email address.

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