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Wednesday Jun 15, 2011

Mozilla Thunderbird Add-on Now Available

In our four-year corporate history, the NuevaSync team has worked exclusively on our server-side software, so we’re proud to announce our first venture into client coding: the NuevaSync Add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird.


The Add-on provides real-time sync status monitoring in the Thunderbird status bar. It is a handy way to tell at a glance whether your device is syncing properly—something that is particularly useful before you leave the office and take it on the road with you. More detailed information, such as the last time a message was pushed to your phone, is also available in a separate status window.  

For first time NuevaSync users, the Add-on offers a quick and reliable way to create your NuevaSync Premium trial account, fully set up in only a few clicks. It is so simple and easy because it uses the same email settings as Thunderbird to pre-configure the details for your new NuevaSync account.  

Under the covers, the Add-on makes use of a new facility in the NuevaSync cloud service: remotely accessible device status. It has been implemented with a secure token authentication and access control mechanism that is designed to provide the maximum protection for our users’ information. We share the Mozilla community’s interest in security and privacy, so we've made available information on the security of the new system. The capability to present sync status securely to remote clients is a great new feature in itself, and we plan on using it in other ways in the future.  

The NuevaSync Add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird is available to try now, but since it is still undergoing Mozilla’s full review process, you need to download the XPI file from this page at Mozilla. Save the file, then install it in Thunderbird using the “Install” button under the “Tools\Add-ons” menu entry. 

More information and answers to commonly asked questions are available on the Mozilla Thunderbird section of our website.  Please contact us with any comments, questions, or problem reports through NuevaSync support or by emailing us directly.


Signing up for a new NuevaSync account (center) takes just a few of clicks. 
The status bar (bottom right) indicates there are no connected


The status window displays detailed information about each of your devices (center),
while the status bar (bottom right) shows at a glance whether your device is syncing.


Hovering over the status bar brings up a tool-tip with extra info (bottom-right).
The NuevaSync Add-on is cross-platform, and works equally well on Windows,
Linux (pictured), and MacOS X.

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