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Friday Jan 28, 2011

New Feature: Choose Google Contact Groups to Sync

NuevaSync users syncing Google Contacts can now select a set of contact groups to sync. In the past, and still the default, all the contacts in the pseudo-group "My Contacts" were synced. To change the selected groups, click 'setup' for Contacts on the NuevaSync Control Panel site and you'll see your groups like this:

Change the selection, for example here I've enabled syncing for only the "Customers" and "Vendors" groups, and click "Save":


Saving a new set of groups immediately triggers a sync reset for contacts data on your device.
It will re-fetch contacts data from the service, reflecting the new groups selected.
The number of synced contacts can be viewed in the account status page, like this:


Apple devices, including the iPhone have their own device-side Contact Groups feature, but we are not able to use that at present. That is, all the contacts synced to the device will still appear in the same "group" on the device. This is because Google contact groups are more like "tags" in that one contact can exist in many groups. The iPhone's contact groups are designed for contacts that must live in only one group.

Some devices have a "category" field for contacts (for example Windows Mobile). At present we're not populating the category field with the group names, but this something we plan to add in the future.

New contacts created on the device will be added to the "My Contacts" group at Google, unless that group is not selected for syncing. In that case new contacts will be added to the first selected group in the list.

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