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Friday Nov 12, 2010

New Services!

NuevaSync is pleased to announce several new services today. We've added a new "Basic" subscription for $15/yr that includes all the features formerly available to Premium service subscribers, except email.  Premium service, with push email service, is now priced at $30/yr.

Also announced today are three commercial smartphone hosting services designed to meet the needs of SaaS providers, ISVs and portal operators. Along with the introduction of the new services, we will no longer be offering our original free service. Existing free service users will have the chance to upgrade to Basic or Premium service over the next few weeks. This will mean that, finally, all our users will be entitled to technical support.

In addition to these new services, we will be releasing a number of new features over the next few days. Check back here for updates on the new features. More information on all the new services is available on our (also new) web site:

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