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Tuesday Feb 01, 2011

NuevaSync Labs: Read-Only Mode for Safety and Testing

There's a new feature on the NuevaSync Labs page that allows an account to be made "Read-Only" for syncing. This means that data will be sent to the device as normal, but nothing changed, added or deleted on the device will be propagated back to the data source. There are a couple of cases where this capability has proven useful. The first is in testing situations, when there's a concern that a device or inadvertent user action could modify valuable data server-side. The second case is for devices that have a tendency to "go rogue", deleting, modifying or duplicating data. The Nokia N900 has a reputation for this kind of behavior with contacts, and the ability to block device changes for contacts has been a common request from N900 users.

Read-Only mode is enabled per-data-type (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks). On the NuevaSync Labs page, click the link Click to configure read-only mode on your account and you'll see this form:


Select the data you want to make read-only (Calendar in this screen shot) and click Save:


Just in case you forget that read-only mode is enabled, the main status display will indicate when it is enabled, like this:


Remember that any new items (Contacts, Calendar Events) created on the device, and any changes made to existing items will not be sent to the data source and therefore unless you have some means to extract that data directly from the device, it's best to assume that it will be lost at some point in the future (for example when the device next resyncs).


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