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Wednesday Oct 12, 2011

Syncing iOS5

Apple's iOS5 which became available for download today includes several major sync enhancements. The most significant is that the email app is now able to process message delete and move operations without a live connection to the server, sending the requests to the server later once its connection is restored. This feature will make subway riders everywhere happy. But probably the most visible is the addition of sync for tasks (which Apple calls Reminders):

 Tasks Now Syncing

The Reminders app is simple but effective. It has task due dates (with a time of day), the notes field and a task priority setting.

iOS5 Tasks UI 

Another new feature that we have support for in NuevaSync is the ability to create and rename folders on the device. In the email app if you click the "Edit" button on the folder list view then click "New Mailbox" this screen appears, allowing the creation of a new folder on the server:

Creating a new email folder 

Similarly, the Calendar app allows the creation of new calendars, which we have support for in our Google Calendar data source. Just click "Add Calendar..." :

Creating a new calendar 

At present NuevaSync has folder creation and rename enabled for GMail and IMAP Email, for Google Calendar and also Google Tasks (beta test feature). Although the device allows the user to delete folders, we're not allowing folder delete operations to be executed for safety reasons. The potential to inadvertently delete an entire calendar or email folder with a slip of the thumb scares us. Here's a screen shot from the Google side after creating a new calendar and a new task list on the iPhone:

Google web site

Finally, the iOS5 email app adds support for message "flags". This allows you to mark messages as requiring attention, or being otherwise notable, on the device or server. Click "Mark" in the header area in a message to access this feature. The flag state is synced just like read/un-read status. GMail represents the message flag with a star. Flags look like this:

Message Flags 

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