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Friday Nov 04, 2011

Syncing Windows Phone 7.5 aka Mango

Microsoft's recent update to Windows Phone 7 (at first called "Mango" but later launched as Windows Phone 7.5, without the air-quotes) brings some significant and welcome enhancements to its sync capabilities. Showing these off in a blog post poses some challenges because there is no screen-capture facility in WP7 but I was able to use a tool available from Canon to get capture some images from my HD7:

Lock Screen 

The most eagerly awaited change is support for multiple calendars. Windows Phone 7 had a concept of multiple calendars, but only synced one calendar per server. Windows Phone 7.5 removes that restriction with color-coded calendars similar to the iPhone's:

Multiple Calendars 

In addition to multiple calendars, tasks/todo items are now supported and displayed in the calendar app:

Tasks Syncing

The email app has also been subject to some re-work. It now features a threaded view that for my tastes is superior to that of the iPhone. For example messages sent by you are included in the thread, and it is easier to see multiple threads at a glance because they're displayed in the main inbox view rather than when opened individually.

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