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Friday Oct 05, 2012

Windows 8

As the retail launch of Windows 8 nears, it is a good time to highlight our support for its all-new mail, calendar, and contacts applications.


All the new applications are supported on the desktop installation of Windows 8 Professional as well as mobile-oriented platforms like tablets.  Yes, that means you can now start using your NuevaSync account to synchronize your contacts and calendar—and receive push e-mail—on your desktop and your laptop in addition to your phone or tablet.

It is unbelievably handy to be certain that your calendar and contacts are in sync across any and all the computers you are using, and that any changes you make will reach your phone (and vice versa, of course).  Try it and you’ll like it, as the saying goes.

The 15-second description for getting started is to open the Mail app, go to Settings, and then Add an account.  Choose an Outlook-style account and follow the prompts.  A few seconds later you’ll be syncing.

For complete step-by-step setup instructions, check out our wiki.

Happy syncing!

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